Quality control of potable water through Automatic Particle Counting

The Pamas waterviewer.
The Pamas waterviewer.

German company PAMAS is preparing for the Analytica and IFAT events to show its WaterViewer product at next year's Analytica 2014 event in April, and IFAT the following month.

The device takes measurements online and is installed as a fixed stationary instrument for water condition monitoring. It is used for the cleanliness control of potable water, raw water and purified waste water or process water. 

This particle counter measures online during operation. If pre-defined limits are exceeded, the WaterViewer will instantaneously give an alert, ensuring that any deterioration of the water quality is known and communicated.

For condition monitoring, the PAMAS WaterViewer may be connected to up to 32 measuring points. With the aid of microprocessor controlled valves, it is easy to change between measuring points and bypass connections.The PAMAS WaterViewer may be fitted optionally with an automatic Sensor Flushing Unit, the PAMAS SFU. This attachment will automatically remove mineral deposits (eg, manganese, calcium, iron oxide, etc.) from the optical cell windows which may otherwise diminish the laser light beam. The instrument works 24 hours a day without the need for supervision, PAMAS states.  

The WaterViewer can be seen at the Munich shows next Spring.