Improving our potable water and wastewater infrastructure

Rob Pawlak, from Raven Lining Systems, writes:

The state of our water and wastewater infrastructure is in critical shape. The ASCE gives the U.S. a D+ rating overall while potable water and wastewater infrastructure also received D ratings. A major challenge we have seen in our industry is funding. The federal government provides some support, but often, the burden is placed on municipalities to fund infrastructure improvements.

The problems of deteriorating infrastructure can be seen firsthand by visiting structures, such as sewer manholes, or potable water tanks. Many of our rehabilitation projects deal with structures suffering from infiltration & inflow, corrosion and concrete deterioration, and. These underlying problems are detrimental to the structural integrity posing issues of safety, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Our industry is focused on protecting and extending structural integrity as well as protecting public health and the environment. We embrace this protection by selling products that are made from 100% solids with zero harmful VOCs, and leading the industry by developing new technologies such as bio-based  and polyurethane-epoxy hybrid coatings. 

As we move into our 30-year anniversary, we’re proud to continue protecting our nation’s infrastructure and providing a more economical solution to dig and replace. Many people recognize our flagship wastewater product, Raven 405. It’s a widely-specified 100% solids epoxy coating known for its proven long-term protection, the true test results, and its blue color; however, we also provide protection and rehabilitation for potable water infrastructure. For instance, potable water tanks that are nearing the end of their life cycle may be rehabilitated cost effectively rather than torn down and replaced.

A prime example is the addition of two new products within the NSF ANSI 61 Certified AquataPoxy series- AquataPoxy 90 (epoxy) and AquataPoxy 190 (primer). The expansion with these standalone direct-to-metal products gives our customers accessibility and versatility to protect potable water steel tanks. With the products certified for smaller tank applications, they demonstrate lower extractable contaminates. This means the products are cleaner, limiting the ability of contaminates to leach into drinking water supplies potentially causing adverse health issues. We strive to provide a quick return-to-service for our customers, which is why these new additions both exhibit a 72-hour return-to-service.

Water and wastewater systems are continuously being stressed by  population growth and numerous environmental challenges.   Structural maintenance remains vital to handle these issues and we aim to provide services and products that give our customers practical solutions.

Rob Pawlak, Raven Lining Systems.
Rob Pawlak, Raven Lining Systems.