Antiallergenic cabin air filter

Mechanic installing a FreciousPlus cabin filter.
Mechanic installing a FreciousPlus cabin filter.

The new FreciousPlus cabin filter absorbs allergens and prevents bacteria and mould fungi from entering the passenger compartment through the ventilation system. 

Cabin filters in the current MANN-FILTER product range contain a particle filter layer and often an additional activated carbon layer. FreciousPlus also features both of these layers, and its particle filter layer removes virtually 100% of coarse particles such as dust, pollen and tyre dust as well as tiny, respirable particles such as particulate matter. The next layer contains activated carbon, which is obtained from coconut shells. This adsorbs almost all harmful gases, unpleasant odours as well as ozone from the air flowing through the cabin. 

Reduced mould fungi

The new feature of the FreciousPlus cabin filter is an additional antiallergenic and antimicrobial third layer which allows the filter to absorb up to 100% of allergens, while growth of mould fungi is reduced by more than 95%. 

The antiallergenic properties of the new filter layer are provided by an innovative polyphenol coating. Polyphenols are natural products with anti-inflammatory properties and are considered to have health benefits. They are found in many plants such as green tea and pomegranates and have the ability to absorb allergens and render them harmless. 

Like other cabin filters, it has a service interval of 15,000 kilometres or once a year.