Strict laws lead to high-tech filter media

Fibalon in detail.
Fibalon in detail.

Tough legal requirements in Germany for water filtration have been the basis for the development of a new, high-tech alternative filter media called Fibalon

Distributed by KIP Trade & Service, Fibalon is 'an innovative and highly efficient filter' for water purification in swimming pools, spas, aquaria and other water systems.

Developed in cooperation with the Environment Institute in Neuenmarkt at the Georg-Simon Ohm University of Nuremberg, the product is a mixture of various full and hollow polyester fibres which feature different surface structures that are shaped into a ball.

The shape guarantees the maximum surface area and high density, but at the same time, the lowest volume and weight. The interior of each fibre ball has a slightly dense core with a softer outer allowing the balls to nestle up against each other, building a filter carpet which will adapt to all filter forms.

Fibalon can be used like very much like sand for about three years, but for hygienic reasons it is recommended to change the filter material every year. The innovative Fibalon 'DyFix' system provides high absorption and penetration into the centre of each ball. Flow pressure opens the outer fibres and dirt particles are not only trapped in the spaces between the fibres, but also directly bonded to their surface. The filter balls will not be compressed by the back pressure of the water, are self-compacting and the flow direction ensures they are spread evenly and compress themselves. 

The equivalent to 25kg of sand, one 350g bag of Fibalon contains polymer fibres with a total length of about 200 km which are available as a perfect cleaning surface and can be universally applied where conventional sand and cartridge filters are in use (recommended from a diameter of 200mm).