Sterilizing-Grade Vent Filters for small-scale sterile venting

Large 50 mm vent filters are known to cause tube kinking, leading to insufficient flow. Gore says the Sterilizing-Grade Vent Filters address this common problem to provide biopharmaceutical manufacturers with a vent filter that delivers the same high airflow as 50 mm vent filters, yet at a fraction of the size and weight. The vent filters feature a new ePTFE membrane technology available only from Gore, used to deliver sterilizing-grade filtration performance, while achieving airflow rates you would expect from larger devices. Moreover, the significantly smaller, lighter weight design minimizes clutter in work areas, reduces the risk of cutting off airflow if tubing kinks and addresses the need to create improvised solutions to support heavy 50 mm vent filters. The Gore Sterilizing-Grade Vent Filters are designed for venting or in-line filtration applications with bottles and vessel assemblies, bioreactors, shaker flasks, carboys, holding or transfer vessels. The sterilizing-grade retention protects products from contamination making them ideal for use in biopharmaceutical GMP manufacturing and non-GMP labs and pilot areas working with mAbs, recombinant proteins, vaccines, conjugates, growth factors and plasma derivatives.