New HF Membrane for vent filter applications launched

Lydall Performance Materials, the division of Lydall, Inc, has launched what it describes as the 'best-in-class' filtration membranes for vent filters used in single-use biopharmaceutical applications. The new line of products uses Lydall's proprietary Solupor High Flux ("Solupor HF") membrane technology. Solupor membranes are highly porous with superior gas, air, and liquid permeability. Combined with a controlled pore size, these properties make the membrane suitable for a large range of filtration applications. Using Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and a patented manufacturing technology, Lydall is able to produce a durable, chemically resistant material with very high filtration efficiencies with low pressure loss. Solupor HF membranes are the next iteration of technology development of UHMWPE membranes offered from Lydall. First generation Solupor membranes are used in a variety of applications, including liquid filtration, transdermal drug delivery, and high performance air filtration through Lydall's Arioso composite media. The latest generation of Solupor HF membranes are designed to meet the demanding needs of biopharmaceutical production. One of the major challenges for single-use biopharmaceutical vent filter membranes is the ability to maintain the properties of the filtration media after being sterilised; specifically by gamma irradiation. The newly developed Solupor HF membranes allow vent filters to withstand up to 50kGy of Gamma exposure with minimal effect on performance and mechanical stability. Materials currently on the market that have the ability to withstand Gamma exposures offer relatively low flow rates, while Solupor HF membranes provide best-in-class air flow performance. This positions Solupor HF membranes to be a leading choice material for whole sterilized single-use systems. David Williams, president of Lydall Performance Materials, said, "A key focus at Lydall is the introduction of high performance, market leading products. We are very pleased that the performance of this new, innovative filtration product provides a unique solution for the biopharmaceutical market."