High performance membrane composite is ideal for air filtration

These Solupor® membranes are a new technology platform obtained through the acquisition of DSM Solutech B.V.

According to Lydall Performance Materials, Arioso™ composite air filtration media is based on microporous membranes that are composed of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. Possessing a structure consisting of a micro-fibrillar, laminar membrane network, Arioso provides exceptionally high filtration efficiency at an extremely low resistance to air flow.

According to Patrick Apfeld, vice-president of Marketing and Business Development for Lydall Performance Materials: “The exceptional efficiency performance of this media is based solely on mechanical effects and does not rely on an electrostatic charge to collect particles from an air stream. Because of its unique structure, it will greatly reduce the force required to move air through a filter when compared to other traditional mechanical filter media. We have received extremely positive feedback from customers at the prospect of both lowering overall system cost and enhancing filtration performance.” Arioso composite media will be available in efficiencies ranging from traditional ASHRAE through ULPA.

“In addition to providing a high performance solution to Lydall’s existing customer base, we are excited that Arioso will allow us to expand into markets that Lydall has not traditionally served,” said Kevin Longe, president of Lydall Performance Materials. “Dust Collection and Gas Turbine air filtration applications, for example, are new markets for us that will benefit significantly from this highly durable membrane with superior dust collection and dust release capabilities.”