Meissner releases 50 mm PVDF and PTFE filters

The Meissner filters are offered with stepped hose barb inlet/outlet connections. The filters are designed and supported for bi-directional flow, the 0.2 µm-rated filters serve as a cost effective hydrophobic vent filter. The Steridyne 50 and Ultradyne 50 can be used to filter up to one litre of solvent or solvent-based liquids. When pre-wet with alcohol, the filters can be used to filter aqueous liquids.

Meissner’s 50 mm filters are designed for use in laboratory and research applications. Steridyne 50 filters can be gamma irradiated and are ideal for venting TepoFlex biocontainers. Both filters can also be safely autoclaved up to 30 times. Each Steridyne 50 and Ultradyne 50 filter is identified with a part number and heat stamped with a lot number.

Applications for the 50 mm filters include sterile venting of carboys, filling vessels, fermentation tanks and bioreactors, as well as small volume filtration of aggressive solvents and aqueous solutions when pre-wet with a low surface tension fluid.