Propulsa Innovations partners with Mann+Hummel

Canada’s Propulsa Innovations has signed a strategic partnership with Mann+Hummel.

Image © Stillfx - Adobe Stock.

The partnership, which stems from a meeting at the MINExpo International trade show in 2021, will enable the creation of an innovative product for the heavy machinery market while supporting the companies' respective growth.

Mann+Hummel is also becoming a shareholder in Propulsa Innovations.

"We believe that the success of an innovation project relies, in part, on the quality of our business partnerships. As a developer of innovative products, it is essential to be supported by good partners to pave the way for international commercialization," said Jean-Benoît Dumais, CEO of Propulsa Innovations.

This partnership strengthens Propulsa Innovations' position and opens new growth opportunities in the global industrial filtration systems market.

Quebec-based Propulsa Innovations has been specializing in developing dust management solutions and designing filtration systems for heavy equipment since 2016.