Porometer to distribute ATI's automated filter tester in Europe

Porometer, part of Aptco Technologies, is collaborating with Air Techniques International (ATI), a designer and manufacturer of specialized testing equipment, on the European distribution of its 100X automated filter tester.

The 100X automated filter tester.
The 100X automated filter tester.

The 100X automated filter tester is designed for the testing and quality control of the efficiency and resistance of filter media, replaceable particulate filters, and masks used in medical and industrial hygiene applications.

Suitable for testing FFP, N95, KN95 and P100 respirator masks, the 100X meets global industry standards such as EN 13274-7:2019, NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84, GB 2626, and ASTM F3502-21

Danny Pattyn, CEO of Aptco Technologies, said: “With our brand Porometer, we are very well established in the European filtration and separation sector. The 100X complements our existing product portfolio and will enable our customers to perform efficient and accurate filter testing to meet global industry standards.”

“We are proud to start this partnership, as both ATI and Aptco Technologies, with respectively the 100X and the Porometer brand, are very strong names in the filtration industry,” said Ron Adkins, president of ATI. “By partnering with Aptco Technologies in mainland Europe, we ensure that our customers meet the high standards of quality control and validation required in medical and industrial hygiene applications.”

Aptco Technologies specializes in the manufacturing and supply of measuring and testing instruments as well as sample preparation equipment for laboratories. Porometer, a brand of Aptco Technologies, offers pore size measurement instruments used for the characterization of through-pores in filtration and separation media. Porometer’s instruments are used to test filter media used in a variety of filtration applications such as industrial filtration, biotechnology, water treatment and energy transition.

ATI designs and manufactures specialized testing equipment for HEPA filters, media, filter cartridges, respirators, and protective masks, from small portable units for on-site certifications to larger systems used by major producers and testing laboratories.