Pentair develops new nanofiltration technology

Pentair says that the technology provides municipalities with a simplified and more effective solution for drinking water filtration, while also offering industry a new alternative for wastewater treatment. "At Pentair, we have made significant investments in developing new technologies that help meet the growing demand for clean water around the world," said Phil Rolchigo, vice president of technology. "Our innovation in hollow fibre nanofiltration is its ability to treat the complex mixture of organic compounds found in fresh water. It uniquely addresses drinking water filtration challenges, and is also highly versatile in wastewater treatment across industries." For drinking water treatment, nanofiltration allows for selective separation, eliminating certain contaminants such as bacteria, humic acids and total organic carbons (TOC) while maintaining desired levels of healthy minerals or nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium. The technology also can be utilised for treating wastewater in numerous applications including food and beverage, energy and industrial markets. In both applications, it can be a more energy- and cost-efficient process than reverse osmosis and more effective at removing contaminants than ultrafiltration processes. Pentair's latest nanofiltration technology offering, the X-Flow Color Removal Package (CRP), is launching this summer. The core component is the hollow fibre membrane, which delivers many advantages compared to conventional technologies including a 99.999% reduction of bacteria and viruses, a single-step pre-treatment process and a simplified treatment operation system.