Filter cartridges employ nanofibre technology

Keystone Filter says that the Nano-Key™ filter cartridges have been introduced for water and wastewater filtration and use nanofibre technology to filter both through electro-adhesion and mechanical processes. Nano-Key™ cartridges, which feature ceramic nanofibres on a micro-glass matrix, are claimed to provide a good reduction of viruses, bacteria, cysts, endotoxin and many other submicron particles.

According to Keystone Filter, additional features include pure-polypropylene support components. There is a standard 2.75 inch (7 cm) diameter single layer cartridge or a multi-layered GIANT® 4.5 inch (11.4 cm) diameter cartridge. The company says there is a single open end (SOE) with 222 silicone O-rings standard for all sizes, although other configurations are available. Standard or carbon versions of Nanomedia are also available. Keystone Filter adds that the efficiency is equal to or better than polymeric UF/MF membranes with much higher flow and lower cost and pressure drop. A carbon version removes humic compounds and reduces total organic compounds (TOC).

Potable water applications for the Nano-Key™ filter cartridges include reverse osmosis pre-filtration, beverage bottling and agriculture. Industrial and wastewater applications include industrial water, semi-conductor, pharmaceutical and wastewater treatment, says Keystone Filter.