Argonide filter cartridges for bio-contaminants issues

The design of Argonide’s pleated filter cartridge incorporate a pleated layer of electropositive filter media which is wrapped around a 0.15 um absolute hollow fibre membrane. This design yields extremely high filtration efficiency for virus, bacteria and cysts. Each NanoCeram-HF filter cartridge contains a pleated layer of Argonide’s patented non-woven filter media matrix which is infused with nanoalumina fibres, creating an electropositively-charged depth filter. In this configuration, a NanoCeram filter can produce water with ultra-low SDI (silt density index) values which is crucial for protecting membranes from fouling.

When used to protect the hollow-fibre membranes which are rated to retain > 99.999999% (>log 8) of all bacteria (including Legionella) and cysts, a NanoCeram-HF filter offers an ultra-high level of filtration efficiency both due to the hollow fibers, but also due to the already high efficiency reduction levels associated with NanoCeram technology. This filter will provide initial bacteria (E coli) and Cyst retention greater than 8 LRV and greater than 4 LRV virus (MS2) retention. In addition, NanoCeram is capable of removing small particles (including colloidal iron and TOC’s), from water at high flow rates, using this same principal of electrostatic attraction and adsorption. These cartridges are now available and will fit into most commercially available 2.5” x 10” filter housings. All components in NanoCeram-HF filters are FDA-compliant and appropriate for food contact.