Porvair expands Tekfil depth filter cartridges

The Porvair Filtration Group’s expanded range of Tekfil polypropylene depth filter cartridges now includes solutions for sectors such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical.

Tekfil is available in a range of industrial standard lengths as either absolute or nominal rated cartridges.

Tekfil A

A high flow, graded depth filter with high contaminant capacity and made from FDA approved polypropylene. Suitable as pre-filters or final filters for food and beverage, pharmaceutical and water treatment applications, they are also available in a nylon construction for solvent filtration.

Tekfil N

A range of nominal rated polypropylene depth cartridge filters, the Tekfil N is designed for applications such as process water, pharmaceutical process streams and paint production.

Tekfil WF

Wide format large diameter filter cartridges designed for applications requiring a very high flow rate. They are suitable for use as pre-filters or final polishing filters in applications that do not require membrane filtration.

Tekfil HV

High viscosity filter cartridges for the filtration of gels and viscous fluids where a strong core is required, such as paints, inks and resins. Suitable for the filtration of either viscose inorganic and organic liquids.