De.mem releases domestic water filtration products

Water and wastewater treatment company, De.mem, has launched a new product line for ‘point of use’ domestic water filtration.

The new product line uses De.mem’s hollow fibre ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membrane technology as a key filter process to treat tap or municipal water prior to domestic consumption. The system is installed as a ‘point of use’ solution, such as under a kitchen sink where the system treats water prior to it leaving the domestic tap.

Hollow fibre membrane technology is the key process step in removing large amounts of suspended solids, and nearly all bacteria and viruses from the water. The De.mem hollow fibre membranes are tested to ‘6 log reduction’, which means that one million microbes are reduced to only one after filtration. The membrane is also combined with more traditional treatment processes either pre- or post-filtration, to ensure highest output quality.

The system does not require additional pressure or pumps and uses standard tap pressure. This ensures convenience for the end user and ease of installation. The new product line will be manufactured in De.mem’s Singapore facility using existing equipment and will initially target the Asia-Pacific region.