NX Filtration partners with GreenTech for full-scale advanced water treatment applications in China

NX Filtration is providing its direct nanofiltration (dNF) membranes for large-scale drinking water projects in China.

Image copyright © Krakenimages.com - Adobe Stock.

The commercial agreement with Chinese water treatment and wastewater recycling company GreenTech Environmental follows a pilot program of approximately one year, in which NX Filtration’s dNF technology was tested on the removal of emerging micropollutants from surface waters in China. The new full-scale project developments will use dNF membranes to produce drinking water from micro-polluted surface water and quality reclaimed water from alternative water sources, which are increasingly important sources for water production across China.

In anticipation of additional large-scale drinking water projects in China, GreenTech and NX Filtration have also concluded a partnership agreement that forms the basis for further expansion across China. 

“We are very happy to engage NX Filtration on this first large-scale project based on their direct nanofiltration technology,” said David Wang, Senior Vice President at GreenTech. “Based on our extensive pilot tests we see the great potential of this technology, that effectively removes micropollutants from surface water, whilst at the same time provides strong environmental benefits. We are looking forward to continue to work with NX Filtration to engage in various drinking water projects across China.”

Michiel Staatsen, CEO of NX Filtration, said: “We are very proud to bring our relationship with GreenTech to the next stage, engaging in a Channel Partnership Agreement and supplying our technology for a first large-scale dNF-based drinking water project in China. We are looking forward to continue our partnership with GreenTech to solve the growing drinking water challenges in China.”