Former Hydranautics chairman joins NX Filtration

Tsunenobu (Tsune) Katsura, the former chairman of Hydranautics, has joined Dutch direct nanofiltration technology specialist NX Filtration where he will be responsible for business development in East Asia.

Tsune Katsura has joined NX Filtration.
Tsune Katsura has joined NX Filtration.

Katsura brings considerable international membrane experience from his 20 year career at Nitto Denko Corp’s Hydranautics to NX Filtration. He served as chairman of Hydranautics between 2018 and 2021.

At NX Filtration, Tsune Katsura will take charge of development in East Asia, with specific focus on Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, as well as the global microelectronics sector. He will be based in Japan.

“I am very excited to become part of NX Filtration’s journey of rolling-out their breakthrough direct nanofiltration technology,” says Katsura. “I am convinced this technology has the potential to truly disrupt the water market. It has unique characteristics to efficiently remove a wide variety of micropollutants in a very sustainable way. This enables new solutions for the production of drinking water from rivers and lakes, the treatment and reuse of wastewater streams and the reduction of industrial water footprints.”

Michiel Staatsen, CEO of NX Filtration, is thrilled that Katsura is joining NX Filtration. “

The conviction of an industry leader to dedicate his efforts to our direct nanofiltration technology is a great testament to our accomplishments to date and the potential of our direct nanofiltration technology ahead of us,” says Staatsen. “His experience and network will be of enormous value in further building out our position in the Asia Pacific region and the global microelectronics market.”