NX Filtration secures follow-on order for water treatment project in Belgium

Ekopak, a company specializing in decentralized circular water solutions, has selected NX Filtration’s dNF membranes for the extension of a rainwater recovery project in Belgium.

Image © Oleksii Sergieiev - stock.adobe.com.

The project aims to reduce dependency on groundwater and uses rainwater, that is gathered in a local pond, as a source for high quality water production for industrial use. NX Filtration’s membranes efficiently remove micropollutants (including pharmaceuticals, medicine residues, PFAS and insecticides), colour and selective salts, as well as bacteria, viruses and nanoplastics, from water. The technology also offers strong sustainability benefits, as it requires much less energy compared to traditional treatment technologies and avoids the use of chemicals in operations.

After a series of pilot tests at the beginning of 2022, Ekopak developed a dNF based water treatment system with a capacity of 20 m3/h in the summer of 2022. Based on positive results this installation is now being expanded with 40 m3/h additional capacity.

“We are happy to continue this partnership with NX Filtration, as their direct nanofiltration membranes offer unique benefits in the market,” said Pieter Loose, CEO at Ekopak. “Both in terms of efficiently removing a wide range of contaminations as well as by offering strong sustainability benefits that are aligned with Ekopak’s core values. I look forward to jointly realizing this project as well as exploring further opportunities in the market.”

Michiel Staatsen, CEO at NX Filtration, added: “We are proud to be working with Ekopak, clearly a likeminded partner with strong ESG values that is dedicated to contribute to the water transition. We believe our technology and Ekopak’s differentiating market proposition can unlock many new opportunities for sustainable water treatment.”