NSI Mobile Water Solutions buys part of Pall Water’s European mobile fleet

Nijhuis Saur Industries’ NSI Mobile Water Solutions has acquired a segment of Pall Water's European mobile water fleet, which includes Pall Aria containerized units.

The acquisition expands NSI Mobile Water Solutions’ fleet and further strengthens Nijhuis Saur Industries' position in the industrial water market segment.

NSI Mobile Water Solutions' fleet of mobile water treatment solutions is one of the largest and youngest in Europe.

The acquired fleet comprises the Pall Aria mobile water PAM C60 and C20 containers, which house a comprehensive membrane water treatment system, employing hollow fiber membrane technology. These containers feature filtration racks with advanced membrane modules, effectively filtering pressurized raw water. The versatile filtration modules are designed for various applications, such as municipal drinking, industrial pre-filtering, and wastewater processing.

Menno Holterman, CEO and president of Nijhuis Saur Industries, said: “The integration of the Pall Aria units into NSI Mobile Water Solutions’ fleet represents a supplemental leap forward in delivering top-tier water solutions to our valued customers.