Pall Water rebrands as Aria Filtra

Pall Water is changing its name to Aria Filtra. The rebranding is in response to the Pall Water brand joining Trojan Technologies Corp, following a separation from Pall Corp.

Image © magele-picture - Adobe Stock.

"Aria Filtra celebrates our decades of experience in filtration by combining the name of our industry-leading solutions (Aria) with the Latin word for filter (filtra)," said Daniel Benitez, general manager, Aria Filtra. "For our customers and associates, Aria is already linked to high performance, durability, and longevity, and now as part of our new name, it speaks to our reputation for delivering high-quality water through our proven filtration technologies and deep expertise."

Aria Filtra's ultrafiltration, microfiltration, reverse osmosis, and mobile water treatment solutions are in use on six continents, delivering more than two billion gallons of installed capacity daily.

"Trojan Technologies is pleased to welcome Aria Filtra to our family of innovative water technology brands," said Tom Siller, president of Trojan Technologies. "Trojan and Aria Filtra are both passionate about delivering high-quality, high-performance solutions that impact one of Earth's most important resources: water. Through our shared commitment to engineering excellence, we look forward to delivering the solutions, expertise, and innovation that help customers meet their water quality goals."

Headquartered in Canada, Trojan Technologies has thousands of installations in more than 100 countries, including the world's largest ultraviolet (UV) treatment facility in New York City, where TrojanUV systems treat more than two billion gallons of drinking water every day. Trojan Technologies product brands include TrojanUV, Aria Filtra (formerly Pall Water), Aquafine, VIQUA, and Salsnes Filter. Trojan Technologies is part of Danaher Corp.