Nijhuis Saur Industries expands in Italy

Nijhuis Saur Industries (NSI) has acquired Sodai SpA, an Italian industrial water operations & maintenance (O&M) company operating in the energy and transportation sectors.

Image: dizain/Adobe Stock.

Sodai operates almost 70 industrial O&M contracts with a team of over 110 employees.

NSI expects strong synergies with its Milan-based Unidro business and its other companies in delivering smart solutions to address the growing demand for sustainable water use, energy and resource recovery.

“The acquisition of Sodai fits perfectly into our group’s strategic roadmap as it allows to extend Nijhuis Saur industries’ operations with the synergies between Unidro’s key process know-how and Sodai’s large portfolio of long-standing Italian customers and unique ‘customer for life’ approach,” said Menno Holterman, CEO and president of Nijhuis Saur Industries. “The platform will be extended with a resilient Operation & Maintenance contracts’ base and strong engineering capabilities to capture complex high-tech Industrial water opportunities in Italy and abroad, benefitting from the regional centres of excellence NSI is operating around the world.”