Kurita Water Industries and Clean Energy Ventures invest in Aqua Membranes

Aqua Membranes has closed a new round of financing from Japanese water treatment equipment company Kurita Water Industries Ltd, and Clean Energy Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on early-stage climate tech innovations.

Image © maxsattana - stock.adobe.com.

The investments will help Aqua Membranes address diverse challenges faced by reverse osmosis (RO) membrane facilities across industrial sectors, accelerating the production of 3D Printed Spacer Technology to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Kurita Group is very excited about the opportunity to further strengthen its collaboration with Aqua Membranes through this investment,” said Nobuyoshi Takiguchi, VP, Strategy & Innovation, Kurita America Holdings Inc. “We have high expectations that their technology will bring about significant innovation in power reduction, which has been a bottleneck in RO treatment. The partnership between Kurita Group and Aqua Membranes lays a solid foundation for leading innovations in critical areas of water treatment.”

Clean Energy Ventures began investing in Aqua Membranes in 2020 and is continuing to support the company’s growth.

Ongoing research and development efforts have revealed a secondary benefit to systems using Printed Spacer Technology: a resistance to fouling. This means less frequent membrane cleaning and replacement need which reduces capital and operating expenses.

Aqua Membranes manufactures reverse osmosis (RO) membrane elements with Printed Spacer Technology to revolutionize the performance of RO systems with just the change of membrane elements. With printed spacers, Aqua Membranes’ products improve system output, element life, and energy usage by improving the spacer in a new way. Aqua Membranes has two brackish water RO models optimized to solve the most significant issues in industrial, water reuse, and ultrapure makeup water (UPW).