New improved Filter press solution from Tapflo

Main changes include new standard of reinforcement plates, booster holders and booster supplier. Tapflo has introduced Festo booster as its standard solution. “This product improvement confirms that nothing is perfect. Despite being market leader in Filter Press applications Tapflo managed to develop quality and reduce the list price at the same time. Currently Festo has become Tapflo’s standard supplier what ensures a high quality, perfectly matched booster but in the same time lower price!” says Adam Pszczola - Tapflo Products Area Manager.

The Tapflo pump for filter press feeding is a very compact unit that can be mounted directly to the filter press. According to Mr. Pszczola the design and function allows the user a straightforward pressing of slurries.

A pressure regulator is already mounted on the unit. The pumps are based on standard metal and plastic Tapflo pumps. Furthermore an external pressure booster doubles the delivery pressure. For example, with available air pressure of 7 bar, the delivery pressure will be maximum 14 bar.