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LiqTech to supply filtration system for oil & gas MEG recovery

LiqTech International Inc has secured a US$0.5 million order for a complete filtration system related to monoethylene glycol (MEG) recovery in the oil & gas industry.

Image copyright © zorandim75 - Adobe Stock.
Image copyright © zorandim75 - Adobe Stock.

This is the first of a two-part order for an offshore project for a US oil major operating in Europe. The system, which is expected to ship in 2023, will deploy LiqTech's silicon carbide (SiC) membrane technology that offers unique technical advantages for this application.

MEG is widely used by oil and gas producers in wellheads and pipelines to prevent hydrate formation in pipeline conditions. In deep water offshore gas production facilities, where the exposure to lower temperatures in subsea pipelines is common, MEG is used for hydrate inhibition. Together with the customer, LiqTech has already demonstrated the SiC membrane technology performance on-site and has verified significant performance improvements to the MEG regeneration process when compared to other membrane technologies.

This is the first system order for this customer, who has identified several additional offshore sites as potential candidates for installations in 2023.

"We are very pleased to have received this significant system order for a MEG recovery application, which expands the market potential of LiqTech's SiC membrane technology within the oil and gas industry,” said Fei Chen, CEO of LiqTech. “By efficiently recovering MEG, the customer will benefit from reduced greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. We are proud to make this ESG impact contribution. We look forward to delivering this first system order in early 2023 and working closely with the customer for potential installations at additional sites.”