LiqTech wins further swimming pool filtration orders

LiqTech International Inc has secured orders for 10 commercial swimming pool water filtration systems in New Zealand, Portugal and the UK together worth US$0.7 million.

Image © New Africa - Adobe Stock.

The projects will deploy complete filtration system solutions using LiqTech's enhanced Aqua Solution membranes based on the company’s proprietary silicon carbide (SiC) membrane technology. The orders were received through LiqTech's recently enhanced distribution relationships for the swimming pool systems in these geographic regions.

The Aqua Solution is a LiqTech ceramic filter solution for liquids with suspended solids. LiqTech's Aqua Solution integrates a dead-end structural design with cutting-edge membrane technology that is specifically designed for water pre-treatment in reverse osmosis applications, wastewater treatment, and swimming pool and spa water filtration. The dead-end design yields more cost-efficient filtration performance compared to other filtration options. As a comparison, for the same treated water flow, traditional sand filters require 400 times more space and have pore sizes three times larger than LiqTech's SiC membranes. LiqTech’s Aqua Solution reduces the number of membrane elements, pressure vessels, water consumption for backwash, and energy costs by providing high flow rates at very low pressure.

“Compared to traditional sand filtration systems that are widely used in commercial swimming pools, LiqTech's pool system solution has demonstrated a convincing value proposition according to our customers,” said Fei Chen, CEO of LiqTech. “Our pool system ensures excellent and safe water quality and contributes to a significant reduction in carbon footprint with up to an 80% reduction in water spending, 60% lower energy consumption, and 30% lower chlorine dosing. At the same time, the system size is only one third of a conventional sand filter and is therefore perfect for retrofitting without extensive changes to building constructions being necessary."

“These three new orders illustrate and validate our enhanced commercial strategy, implemented in late 2022, which focuses on recurring business solutions. We are pleased with the traction we are achieving and look forward to further traction in the remainder of 2023,” added Chen.