LiqTech wins marine scrubber water treatment system order in China

LiqTech International Inc has secured an order for two marine scrubber water treatment system sales in China.

Cargo container ship
Cargo container ship - Image © Yellow Boat - Adobe Stock.

These projects will deploy an upgraded, modular designed marine scrubber water treatment system, based on LiqTech's proprietary silicon carbide (SiC) membrane technology.

The order was received through LiqTech's Chinese distributer Joyo.

"We are very pleased to see early signs of revitalization in the marine scrubber market through the receipt of this new order in collaboration with our partners at Joyo,” said Fei Chen, CEO of LiqTech. “Our dialog with customers and partners has confirmed that LiqTech's modular designed marine scrubber water treatment system is highly reliable and delivers strong returns on their investments. Furthermore, our new generation design reduces OPEX for owners significantly, by largely reducing day to day operational and maintenance costs.”

"LiqTech has more than 160 installations in the marine scrubber market, which occurred primarily between 2018 and 2020. This new order not only demonstrates the continuous confidence from the market and customers in LiqTech's solutions, but also validates our enhanced commercial strategy, implemented in late 2022, which focuses on driving revenue in established business verticals where LiqTech has proven technical capabilities and installations," added Chen.