LiqTech partners with Dan Marine Group to expand in Chinese shipbuilding market

LiqTech International Inc has entered into a partnership agreement with Dan Marine Group (DMG) to expand its presence in the Chinese shipbuilding and repair market for marine scrubber water treatment solutions and new exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) water treatment systems for duel fuel marine vessels.

A container tanker ship
A container tanker ship - Image © aerial-drone - Adobe Stock.

The agreement also covers the servicing by DMG of existing LiqTech marine installations, including fast delivery of spare parts and on-site repair work.

DMG specializes in sourcing, manufacturing, reconditioning, distributing and supplying marine diesel and auxiliary engine spares, and deck machinery equipment.

LiqTech has developed a compact and efficient marine scrubber water treatment system for both closed-loop and hybrid scrubbers that outperforms discharge limits regulated by the IMO Marpol VI. LiqTech's solutions remove unburned fuel oil, soot particles, ash, and heavy metals from marine scrubber wastewater and take an active role in reducing world pollution. Since LiqTech's first marine installations in 2017, the company has successfully installed retrofit and new-build marine scrubber water treatment systems on more than 170 large commercial ships for many of the world's largest global ship owners.

Fei Chen, CEO of LiqTech International, said: "The combination of LiqTech's unique silicon carbide ceramic filtration technology and commercial demonstration of the many installed water treatment systems in marine, and DMG highly skilled engineering capabilities to design, install and service market-proven marine water treatment systems, provide ship owners an opportunity to enhance sustainability through emissions reduction and the transition to new and clean marine fuels. We look forward to the potential success our two companies can make."

Eric Shao, managing director of Dan Marine, commented: "We are thrilled and proud to work with LiqTech, with a strong belief that our joint effort of maritime emission control will enrich our ESG as well as business development. Working together, we for sure will achieve more."