LiqTech secures swimming pool filtration order in New Zealand

Danish clean technology company LiqTech International Inc has received a US$0.5 million order for four commercial swimming pool water filtration systems in New Zealand.

Image © Andrey Armyagov - Adobe Stock.

The project will deploy a complete filtration system solution using LiqTech’s enhanced Aqua Solution membranes that are based on proprietary silicon carbide (SiC) membrane technology. This project is an extension of three commercial swimming pool systems supplied to the same customer in 2020.

The Aqua Solution is a LiqTech ceramic filter solution for liquids with suspended solids. LiqTech’s Aqua Solution integrates a dead-end structural design with cutting-edge membrane technology that is specifically designed for water pre-treatment in reverse osmosis applications, wastewater treatment, and swimming pool and spa water filtration.

“Compared to traditional sand filtration systems that are widely used in commercial swimming pools, LiqTech’s pool system solution has demonstrated far superior performance with lower energy consumption, a significantly reduced footprint and is fully automated for easy maintenance,” said Fei Chen, CEO of LiqTech. “This repeat sale illustrates and validates our commercial strategy, implemented in late 2022, that is focused on recurring business is beginning to bear fruit. We are confident in seeing more results in this direction during 2023.”