LiqTech launches enhanced membrane for commercial pool and spa market

LiqTech International Inc has launched an enhanced Aqua Solution membrane, based on its proprietary silicon carbide (SiC) membrane technology, for the commercial pool and spa filtration market.

Underwater view of a swimming pool.
Underwater view of a swimming pool. - Image copyright © moodboard - Adobe Stock.

The Aqua Solution is a LiqTech filter solution for liquids with a lower number of suspended solids. LiqTech Aqua Solution integrates a dead-end structural design with cutting-edge membrane technology in a solution specifically designed for applications in the pre-treatment for reverse osmosis, wastewater treatment, and swimming pool and spa water filtration. The dead-end design yields a more cost-efficient filtration performance compared to other filtration principles. As a comparison, for the same water flow treatment, traditional sand filters require 400 times more space and have pore sizes three times larger than LiqTech SiC membranes. LiqTech Aqua Solution reduces the number of membrane elements, pressure vessels, the water consumption for backwash, and the energy costs by offering high flow capabilities at very low pressure.

“The new Aqua Solution membrane demonstrates notable improvements to our existing membrane solution both in production process stability as well as final membrane product robustness,” said Fei Chen, CEO of LiqTech. “LiqTech Aqua Solution commercial pool and spa filtration solution stands out in providing consistent and high-quality water filtration with 65% less footprint, reduced water usage and less chemical consumption, consequently at much reduced costs for operation and maintenance.”

The commercial pool and spa filtration market is a market segment that LiqTech intends to aggressively pursue.