Internet service for filter spares launched

The company explains that owners of filter systems would usually need to go to the Original Equipment Manufacturer to buy component parts. This may also mean purchasing components from several suppliers of filter bags, filter cages and pulsing equipment, for example. The aim of is to bridge a gap in the market place by offering a full range of components at competitive prices, so that the owners of filter plants only have to make one phone call or deal with one supplier to get the components they require. The company adds that the new e-commerce website with easily ordered component identification makes the process of getting multiple spares a simple task. Although a separate limited company, is linked to a major bag filter system supplier and therefore has access to specialist expertise and a knowledge database. The company says that this allows it to supply both spares and carry out remedial work to filters and resolve filtration problems the end user could be experiencing - from high filter pressure differentials to flow distribution in the filters. The company has access to CFD and finite analysis computerised systems to model any flow system within filters. LEV COSHH testing is available through qualified engineers, who can also provide regular filter maintenance.