Intensiv-Filter celebrates 90th anniversary

Founded in 1922, Intensiv-Filter began as a small craftsman’s business which produced dust filter plants made of wood for the coal and steel industry. In 1973 the company patented the Coanda-injector with the possibility of air pressure cleaning of filter media.

Intensiv-Filter has now installed 25,000 installed filter plant as far afield as in the Antarctic Ocean, in Swedish road construction, on Polish shipyards, in cement works, fertilizer works and asphalt works of the Mid-East, in magnesite production in the Aegean Sea, milk powder production in New Zealand or in South African diamond mines. In 1963 its biggest filter plant had 130,000 m³/h volume flow and was installed south of Paris. Nowadays Intensiv-Filters’ filter plants have up to 3 million m³/h volume flow. More recent Intensiv-Filter innovations include the ProJet mega with up to 12m bag length.