Donaldson expands snap-in pleated bag filter line

The Torit RF Baghouse dust collector is widely used in grain handling, mining, woodworking, and other industries with large volumes of abrasive dust. Combined with Donaldson's Ultra-Web pleated filters, snap-in installation can reduce labour and downtime costs by up to 50% compared with standard felt bags and cages.

The snap-in option is already available on the company’s Modular Baghouse, another Torit dust collector model widely used in these industries. Donaldson’s Ultra-Web pleated bag filters already provide substantial cost-savings over felt bags. With the combination of Ultra-Web fine fiber media and sturdy spun-bond polyester substrate, the technology traps dust on the surface media, creating a longer filter life, cost savings and cleaner air.

The company says that its pleated bags have more media, so the dust collector can run at a lower air-to-cloth ratio, which exposes each square foot of filtration media to less dust and extends filter life.

Donaldson’s Torit RF Baghouse with pleated bag filter. (Photo: Business Wire)