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Amazon introduces bag filter housing for hazardous applications

Amazon Filters is introducing the 86B Series Bag Filter Housing which has been designed to provide a safe, cost effective in-line filtration solution for hazardous or high temperature fluids. The 86B filter housing incorporates an integral one-piece cast head featuring in-line connections for the inlet and outlet, double vent ports and a special bolt retaining mechanism. Engineered to deliver ease-of-use and time savings, the system offers minimal product hold up volumes 20% less than conventional side entry housings, and easy access to the disposable filter bag via the retained hinged lid, Available in 316L stainless steel it is suitable for operating parameters of 10 bar at 150°C with a flow capacity of up to 30 m3/Hr. Two housing sizes are available for the 7" diameter bags, P1 (16") single length and P2 (32") double length. 

The 86B Series perforated basket is compatible most standard commercially available filter bags.