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High pressure filter for hydraulics

The BHF60 filter from Schroeder features magnetic actuation which eliminates a leak point because the clogging indicators have no dynamic seal. The screw-in bowl mounted below the filter head requires minimal clearance to remove the element for replacement so that contaminated fluid cannot be washed downstream when the element is serviced.

Schroeder says that the BHF60 filter is available with an optional poppet-type bypass valve that provides sealing during normal operation and fast opening during cold starts and flow surges.

The inlet/outlet port options include SAE 4-bolt flange code 62 and SAE ports to allow easy installation without costly adapters. O-ring seals are available in Buna N, Viton, and EPR to provide compatibility with petroleum oils, synthetic fluids, water-glycols, oil/water emulsions, and high water base fluids.