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Critical Process’ filter housings “easier to use”

The company will now offer only its robust Swing Bolt closure system for stainless steel industrial housings made to hold four, five or seven filter assemblies. This is in addition to the housings that hold 12, 21, 36, 52 and 80 filter cartridges, which already employ the swing bolt system.

Critical Process Filtration is moving away from the common V-Band clamp system which, though common, requires multiple tools to install, is difficult to tighten correctly, and is prone to leaks if not correctly in place. Also, higher pressure applications can cause the clamp to loosen and wear which can create leaks during filter use. Replacing the V-band clamps is also extremely expensive with costs up to 1/3 the price of a new housing.

Swing bolt closures are much easier to use than the V-band clamp and solve the leakage problem. The user only has to position a hinged lid on top of the housing, ‘swing’ the closure bolts into place and tighten using common tools. Unlike the V-band, the entire closure system is attached to the housing, so there is no searching for parts or bolts that may have been moved after removal from the housing. Finally, the bolts are not prone to the expansion and wear that might cause leaks and they usually do not require replacement for the life of the housing.