Herbold Meckesheim highlights fines separator HS series

Herbold Fines Separator HS series can resolve the unsatisfying weak points of conventional dust separators, the company has stated.

As ancillary equipment for all granulators and size reduction units, Herbold can now supply a new fines separator of the HS series that, thanks to its simple structure, is not only interesting when a new plant is acquired, but also when existing size reduction plants are retrofitted and suitable for secondary granulators downstream of injection moulding and blow moulding machines.

Due to its compact construction, the fines separator can be added as an upgrade to any ground material outlet for easier retrofittingFor plant placed in rooms with limited ceiling height, Herbold can supply a special compact cyclone not varying the original overall height.

Advantages include dedusting of the ground material and of the surrounding area; degree of separation continuously adjustable due to a mounted butterfly valve; working principle according to free fall, ie inlet and outlet of ground material from a direct line.

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