Bowman Stor relaunch separator range

First conceived and introduced to the international market in 2004 as a cost efficient, easy to use separator with no moving parts, the product was, at the time, a new concept in the treatment of air compressor condensate.

In 2009 Bowman’s in-house research and development team invented the SILEXA™ filtration media. Made from recycled glass bottles, this fully sustainable and renewable media is more adsorbent, cleaner, lighter and requires no pre-soaking making installation even easier and servicing faster. Additional environmental benefits include an outlet quality discharge reduction to 5 ppm.

The Sepura mid-range separators were then re-sized to contain the Silexa media which enabled Bowman’s in-house laboratories to develop the world’s first fully disposable separator - the SEP60 – in 2010, which has a single use, quick fit design.

 The recent re-launch is part of continual product improvement by Bowman’s research and development team.