Your chance to view F+S's webinar on ultrafiltration

Want to discover why ultrafiltration is becoming a more viable alternative for tertiary water treatment? 

You can watch Filtration+Separation's free webinar, which took place on 18 February - called   'Advanced hollow fiber UF membranes improve performance in tertiary water treatment' -  here

Christoph Thiemig of Koch Membrane Systems and André Lermontov, D.Sc of Águas do Brasil, were joined by Nigel Horan of Aqua Envrio and Alan Burrows, managing editor of Filtration and Separation, to debate the topic in this hour-long special.

The webinar aimed to help viewers decide which membrane solution is best for their water treatment system, as well as to give tips on how to increase tviewers plant efficiency while reducing operating and chemical costs, and complying with the latest discharge regulations.

While high-solids feed waters can pose a significant challenge for many UF membrane systems, Koch Membrane Systems' MegaPure is a hollow fiber ultrafiltration system for high solids and water and wastewater which uses a single-potting design to allow the membrane fibers to move freely within the cartridge. This open configuration permits aeration to penetrate the fiber bundle and release filtered solids during air scouring.

The webinar was sponsored by Koch Membrane Systems.

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