Hengst presents filtration solutions for fuel cells

Hengst presents a modular system of various filtration solutions for commercial vehicle and off-highway applications.

Hengst has created modular filtration solutions for fuel cells, showcasing them at the Hydrogen Technology Expo in Bremen (Sep 27-28). They cover coolant and air filtration and include a water separator for anode recirculation, supporting hydrogen as a clean energy source.

‘To protect our planet, CO₂-neutral drives are essential. That's why we at Hengst have been developing filtration solutions for hydrogen-powered vehicles and generators. The product of our innovation and long years of international experience: high-performance ion exchangers, cathode air filters and water separators for fuel cells,’ says product manager Mathias Diekjakobs. At Hydrogen Technology Expo, together with other experts from Hengst, he will be presenting the modular solutions, as well as the possibilities for customisation.

Ion exchanger. -

Hengst's Blue.iox ion exchanger rapidly reduces ion concentration in the coolant during fuel cell operation, ensuring safe and efficient operation. Its unique design and mixed bed resin system provide high filtration efficiency with minimal maintenance, safeguarding the fuel cell.

Hengst provides modular solutions in various sizes, suitable for small and heavy-duty fuel cell systems across different applications. Their expertise lies in system integration, enabling customised ion exchanger concepts. The Blue.iox is designed for easy maintenance with a screw cap for tool-free cartridge replacement and integrated shut-off valves to prevent coolant leaks. Additionally, they offer a cathode air filter system for drive protection in harsh conditions.

The airflow of a fuel cell also requires special filtration. To ensure long service life and high performance, the intake air must be very thoroughly cleaned of airborne particles. In addition, pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), ammonia (NH3) and sulphur dioxide (SO2) can cause unwanted deposits in the fuel cell and damage it.

Hengst's cathode air filters use a multi-layered design optimized for various tasks, providing reliable protection against airborne particles and gases. Their high modularity suits diverse global applications, reducing development times and enhancing durability with proven components. Hengst's cathode air filters are used in small fuel cells, on/off-highway mobile systems, large-scale stationary power generation, and ships. Proper water management is crucial to prevent liquid water deposits.

Cathode air filter. -

Proper water management is vital for fuel cell efficiency. Hengst offers an innovative separator module for anode gas recirculation, combining water separation and gas drainage through a unique valve configuration.

Anode management system -

As a family operated company with 3,500 employees at 22 locations, Hengst Filtration is known worldwide for its innovative filtration and fluid management solutions.

Their products enhance cleanliness worldwide, but aim higher. They prioritise filtration in all aspects, providing cutting-edge systems for plant and machinery, industrial use, hydraulics, life sciences, and healthcare. Our tailored solutions benefit medical cleanrooms, air conditioning, cleaning, industry, electric tools, and robotics.