Efficient filtration for modern agriculture

Hengst, a filtration specialist, will exhibit its expertise at Agritechnica 2023, showcasing sustainable technologies for agricultural machinery.

Blue.maxx fuel filter system
Blue.maxx fuel filter system

The Blue.maxx fuel filter system, designed for conventional engines, efficiently separates water and enhances engine performance. In anticipation of increased use of alternative fuels, Hengst has developed special test methods for optimal adaptation of fuel filters, exemplified by the innovative Blue.maxx system.

Addressing the shift to alternative fuels, Hengst presents a modular filtration system supporting hydrogen applications. This system includes ion exchangers and cathode air filters for fuel cells, ensuring longevity and safety under harsh conditions. The Blue.iox ion exchanger provides high protection with minimal maintenance for the coolant of fuel cells, while the Blue.netic cathode air filter safeguards against particles and harmful gases.

For hydrogen engines, Hengst tackles challenges like water introduction and hydrogen flammability with an active ventilation system, minimizing hydrogen concentration in the crankcase to mitigate ignition risks.

In oil filtration, Hengst introduces the sustainable Blue.on Heavy Duty concept, an eco-friendly alternative to spin-on filters. With a tool-free replacement, it reduces weight by 25% and waste by 90%, offering a more sustainable option for conventional drives.

Hengst also addresses mobile hydraulics applications with filters and elements designed for extreme conditions. Highlighting the "Cyclone Effect," their in-line filters reduce operating costs by transporting heavy dirt particles outside, preventing premature clogging. The pressure filter with front connections and "cross-flow" geometry ensures easy maintenance in boost circuits.

As "The SMART Alternative" in the aftermarket, Hengst supports independent dealers worldwide with a wide range of quality filters. The company's history as a development partner is exemplified by its collaboration with Deutz, providing oil filter modules for engines in tractors and series like Fendt Vario.

Continuing innovation, Hengst introduces the E470H01 D28, doubling the service interval to 1000 hours. This enhancement is attributed to a new high-performance medium with improved dust absorption and higher chemical resistance. Hengst's commitment to sustainable and efficient filtration solutions remains evident across its diverse product offerings.