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GKD showcases VACUBELT filter belts at FILTECH 2018

At FILTECH 2018, GKD will present its range of VACUBELT filter belts for applications including phosphogypsum or salt dewatering in fertilizer production, FGDP gypsum dewatering at power plants and cooling lubricant filtration in the metal processing industry.

In cooling lubricant filtration, the highly permeable VACUBELT® 3354 polyester filter belt is said to offer greater cooling lubricant filtration security and facilitate high process efficiency without addition of filtration aids. Its lateral stability keeps the filter belt tracking accurate throughout its service life. The risk of bent-over edges or irreversible kinks along the length of the belt is reported to be significantly lower, and the mesh design guarantees good cake discharge and easy cleaning. These features make this filter belt suitable for use in large-scale metalworking operations.

For phosphogypsum dewatering applications GKD designs and thermally matches the VACUBELTS to the specific phosphogypsum properties, which differ from process to process. For example, the filter belts produced on special looms do not develop any creases, even in very large systems that measure up to 4.50 m wide and over 70 m long. The belt is also rugged enough to handle the high mechanical, thermal and chemical loads associated with the process., and offers optimum cake discharge and excellent cleaning properties thanks to the smooth mesh surface. The PAD seam, which is particularly flat in comparison with conventional hook seams, is reported to significantly reduce particle penetration due to its smaller open area and thereby contributes to the long service life of the belts.

In salt dewatering applications in potash fertilizer production VACUBELT 5060 filter belts with apertures of up to 490 µm guarantees high dewatering performance. The mechanically rugged and laterally stable belts deliver a long service life and excellent tracking stability. 

The world's largest coal-fired power plants use VACUBELT filter belts for FGDP gypsum dewatering. Thanks to its specific mesh design, the VACUBELT 2015 fulfills the strictest requirements. Produced from pure polyester monofilaments, it offers a high degree of air permeability with less total open area yet more pores per square meter. Compared with standard filter belts, it is reported to deliver significantly faster dewatering and is less likely to clog. A high degree of lateral stability, even in large widths, as well as thermal resistance help ensure a long service life. 

VACUBELT 5060 filter belts are employed in salt dewatering applications. (Image © K + S Aktiengesellschaft.)
VACUBELT 5060 filter belts are employed in salt dewatering applications. (Image © K + S Aktiengesellschaft.)