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Fume scrubber has improved efficiency

APMG Ltd says it has efficiency exceeded 99.8% when tested across a range of contaminant gas concentrations exceeding those encountered in normal fume cupboard operation. It is reportedly the only fume-cupboard-scrubber on the market that has been independently tested by MCERTS accredited personnel.

The scrubber features co-current and counter-current flow technology and has a packing depth of 2.5 m in a compact unit size. It fits behind and beneath the fume-cupboard, which allows for greater lab space utilisation along with easier installation when compared with existing packed bed scrubber designs. The fume scrubber has integral recirculating pipework and reservoir and inbuilt droplet separation prior to discharge, and an automatic dosing option is offered

The unit is made from corrosion resistant plastic materials (polypropylene and PVC) and can remain fully operational within aggressive chemical environments.