Scrubber unit removes acids and ammonia

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Placed upstream of an Envent degassing unit, the ESCRUB 2000 reduces costs by 15% for chemical and petrochemical companies, the company claims.

The ESCRUB 2000 uses proprietary vapour technology to remove the highest concentrations of noxious odours and hazardous vapours, so that clients can stay in compliance with current EPA regulations.

The unit forms a trailer-mounted, dual-packed recirculating column scrubber designed for high-concentration vapour removal. It can treat flow rates up to 2,000 CFM and can be configured either in series for extremely high vapor concentration, or in parallel. Engineers can configure the ESCRUB 2000 to be run continuously. The design includes an integral air compressor and a piped-in PD transfer pump making it easy to transfer fresh or spent caustic in and out of the dual scrubbers.

Scrubbing media

Other safety and performance features include redundant magnetic drive explosion-proof pumps, pressure and temperature gauges, high temperature alarms, an inlet flame arrestor, pH probes with DCS output capabilities and output alarms.

The ESCRUB 2000 can be equipped with various types of scrubbing media, such as Envent's proprietary VapoScrubH2S5, sodium hydroxide, acids or water, through which the vapour stream is directed.