First commercial installation for Suez’s new membrane gravity filter system

Suez has made the first commercial installation of its new membrane gravity filter (MGF) system at a water treatment plant at the Glacier Club in Colorado, USA.

The installation of Suez’s MGF system was part of a planned filter rehabilitation and allowed the plant to double capacity, avoid clearwell expansion, and meet regulatory requirements.

An MGF system using Suez ZeeWeed 1000 hollow-fiber membranes was installed into a retrofitted sand filter to create higher quality drinking water. In addition to providing the new MGF system, Suez also deployed one of its mobile treatment units to serve the community during the retrofit of the media filters.

Suez’s new MGF system was previously deployed in a successful pilot project in Peel, Canada.

“The new MGF system provides a cost-effective alternative for drinking water treatment plants that want to get more out of their existing facilities without an expensive media plant expansion,” said Kevin Cassidy, executive vice president for Suez Water Technologies & Solutions. “This approach highlights the significant opportunity membranes provide to upgrade conventional systems for increased capacity in the same footprint.”