GE’s ZeeWeed advanced filtration technology selected for Miller plant

The ZeeWeed immersed membrane technology from GE was used to retrofit the existing filter cells at the plant. Under the terms of the contract, GE will supply four trains of ZeeWeed-1000 immersed membranes, which is expected to increase the water treatment plant’s drinking water capacity from 9 million gallons per day (MGD) to 13.5 MGD. Once the project is completed in November of 2011, the Miller water treatment plant will be the largest ultrafiltration membrane facility in the state.  

ZeeWeed’s membrane technology uses immersed hollow-fibre membranes to separate particles from water using microscopic pores. ZeeWeed is an advanced filtration technology that separates particles, bacteria and viruses from water or wastewater to produce high quality drinking water.  

Kurt Pfeifle, general manager of the Mid-Dakota Rural Water System said: “We were searching for a reliable and efficient way to increase our supply of drinking water. We’re very pleased that GE is able to supply a technology solution that meets our requirements.”