Evoqua to provide boiler water for US naval station under 5-year contract

The contract includes six custom-designed Mobile Deionization (DI) units, systems management, transportation services, performance reporting via Evoqua’s Link2Site remote information systems, and offsite resin regeneration services. Evoqua transportation specialists will also be available to move the equipment into place and off site as needed.

The six Evoqua Mobile DI units are designed and built to the US Navy’s specifications. Key design elements include a 150 000-gallon capacity on a compact footprint to meet the US Navy’s need for manoeuvrability in the shipyard.

Built on trailer chassis, the mobile units can be positioned on the docks to service military and civilian ships in port. When the resin is exhausted, Evoqua drivers will transport it to the company’s regeneration facility in Richmond, Virginia.

“The Navy needed a fast, flexible team to meet the unique requirements of a facility this size,” said Rodney Aulick, Evoqua’s president of Industrial Projects and Services. “We’re proud that, due to our proven record and fast, high-quality response, we are able to play a role in helping maintain US readiness.”