Evoqua to supply boiler feedwater makeup system for Los Angeles biogas cogen plant

Evoqua will provide a boiler feedwater makeup system and a condensate polishing system for the operation.

The feedwater makeup system will use Evoqua’s Vantage PTI multimedia pretreatment system; double-pass Vantage Membrane Series M286 Reverse Osmosis systems; VFD pumps, and ion exchange polishing resin using customised Evoqua FlexMate tanks.

The biogas cogeneration plant, scheduled for completion in late 2016, is being built by Constellation, a subsidiary of Exelon Corp, and will provide 100% of the steam and electrical power for the Hyperion facility. Constellation will also operate the cogeneration plant under a 20-year contract.

Hyperion has been operating since 1925 and has a capacity of 450 million gallons per day (mgd), up to 800 mgd during wet weather.