Evoqua expands manufacturing and R&D in Massachusetts

The new Evoqua Tewksbury facility, which will replace Evoqua’s existing manufacturing plant in nearby Lowell, will produce a range of water treatment products including Ionpure continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) modules; the company’s new electrochemical desalination technology; and Capac impressed current cathodic protection anodes.

Evoqua’s R&D centre in Lowell will be expanded into the vacated manufacturing space in order to accelerate commercialization of new technologies. R&D capabilities will include pilot production for new products prior to being placed into full manufacturing around the world.

The expansion is due mainly to increased demand for Evoqua’s CEDI technology. Evoqua’s Ionpure CEDI technology is used in process and product water treatment where reverse osmosis alone cannot provide the high degree of purity required. It is also widely used in the power, electronics and pharmaceutical industries as well as in specialty laboratories.

“The range of applications for our CEDI technology is widening and we are seeing the trend accelerate,” said Ron Keating, CEO of Evoqua Water Technologies. “There is a clear movement by OEMs and end users toward this purification method and we are expanding to meet that demand.”

“Our expanded advanced manufacturing facilities will help us to keep up with the demand we are feeling as well as shortening lead times with our customers around the world,” added Rodney Aulick, president of Evoqua’s Products and Technologies division.

The Tewksbury and Lowell expansions are expected to be operational later this year.