Entegris launches new optimized dispense system

The IntelliGen MV provides a solution optimized for 3D and Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) applications, enabling high-purity filtration and repeatable dispensing of mid-viscosity fluids.

"With the growth of 3D IC technology and MEMS, manufacturers are requiring a higher level of throughput and greater filtration capabilities to meet their unique process demands," said Entegris chief operating officer, Todd Edlund. 

"Each application requires an intensive focus on real-time, interactive diagnostics and feedback. The IntelliGen MV provides several new diagnostic and detection features to reduce defects, simplify recipe programming and improve filter priming."

Entegris says the IntelliGen MV dispense system's compact design allows manufactures to install multiple systems into a single track with the ability to process several chemistries simultaneously and maximize filter performance.