Entegris expands Taiwanese technology centre

Entegris Inc is investing US$8.5 million in the expansion of its Taiwan Technology Center for Research and Development (TTC) in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

The expansion adds a new Microcontamination Control Lab (MCL) for filtration media development, and relocates the company’s Asia Applications and Development Labs (AADL) for trace metal, organic contaminant, and nanoparticle analysis to the TTC.

Entegris says that this addition to the TTC’s existing R&D, formulation scale-up, and pilot production capabilities creates a single, off-site collaboration location for customers’ specialty chemical, CMP and liquid filtration needs.

“Interactions and dependencies between process materials and equipment are at a critical evolution point as device scaling continues to be a leading driver for efficient construction of today’s devices. Bringing the industry’s brightest minds together in a state-of-the-art facility enhances Entegris’s unique ability to meet these needs,” said Entegris chief operations officer Todd Edlund. “By expanding the MCL facility, we bring together core-competencies in liquid filtration, specialty chemicals, and CMP to create more holistic analytical services and technology development solutions designed to meet our customers’ Logic, DRAM, and 3D NAND device manufacturing challenges.”